The power of
all your people.

Strategies don’t change companies. People do.
We help companies unleash their people power,
to accelerate change and build stronger brands.

We love big companies.

Large teams mean powerful movements, but also greater challenges to overcome. We have developed our processes and tools to scale for businesses with thousands of employees. And yes, we love small companies too;)

Let’s design
your movement.

Why do we talk about movements? Well, because engaging people to change their company is not all that different from a cultural or political movement. We re-use many of the same ingredients, carefully designed and orchestrated to fit your unique opportunities.

› Define the purpose
› Make it matter
› Lead with action
› Be a storyteller
› Equip your heroes


Join our Breakfast Seminar
on 8th of March

You have decided your long-term strategy and come up with a vision and values to guide the organization. So now what? At our seminar, you’ll find out how to create a movement that unleashes your people power and accelerate business change.

We’re hiring a Content Producer

We are looking for a word wizard to join our tight-knit team of dedicated change makers. You will work with experience design, creating content that sparks people to take action.