Let’s design
your movement.

Why do we talk about movements? Well, because engaging people to change their company is not all that different from a cultural or political movement. We re-use many of the same ingredients, carefully designed and orchestrated to fit your unique opportunities.

Define the purpose

You have decided your long-term strategy and come up with values to guide the organization…So now what? The first step in most of our projects is to ”translate” brand and business strategies into a purpose that connects deeply with people’s emotions. A purpose worthy of a movement.

Make it matter

One thing can be said for sure about the heroes of your movement, they are different. Different roles, departments and personalities will see different reasons for change. Together we map them out, and tailor the movement to engage and involve on all levels.

Lead with action

In every movement, someone needs to walk in front and lead by example. That someone is you…Yes, you. We help your management team set a ”do-leadership” plan, ranging from well-placed symbolic actions to company-wide efforts that show the way and inspire people to follow.

Be a storyteller

Employees are not different from customers, they both respond to powerful storytelling. That’s why your movement needs its own story, complete with bold messages, strong characters and a call to action as creative as anything you communicate externally.

Equip your heroes

Finally, and most importantly, all powerful movements are created together. We will help you equip your heroes with both confidence and tools that make it fun and simple to participate, and celebrate their actions as milestones on the way towards the common goal.