Creating a culture where all can thrive while merging into ONE company.

How to be smarter together.

When a company is acquired or when companies merge, the decision is typically based on a product or market fit, but employee differences are often ignored. Engaging employees and creating a culture where all can thrive are both fundamental parts of integration. Bisnode faced this reality when merging 18 smaller companies into one. Today 2 400 experts work daily to interpret, refine and understand the data that forms the basis of their clients’ business decisions. The change from many small companies to a large company involved several challenges. These included all employees needing to learn everything that the company offered and to understand the role they each had to play in order for the change to be successful.

For Bisnode, we created the SMART movement that helped managers become good change leaders. The employees carried out various exercises exploring Bisnode’s expanded range of products and services. Every employee was encouraged to broaden their network by meeting with colleagues they did not know. The whole movement was about how to be smarter together.

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