Transforming customers into committed brand followers.

Lighting the spark between customers and frontline staff members.

There is tough competition in the food industry and the number of stores are steadily increasing. The online shopping is getting up to speed but still, a few players dominate the Swedish grocery market. To catch up with competition, the spark between customers and frontline staff members is key.

We created a movement around this moment of truth, based on Coop’s new brand promise, vision and values. All 17 000 employees were encouraged to explore the customer experience from different angles: How do we handle customers on Friday afternoons when queues are growing and there is no more staff? How can we surprise our customers, knowing that finding everything on the shopping list isn’t enough to create brand ambassadors? Or how can we get more customers to understand the benefit of Coop’s own products? “The Moment of Truth” movement made employees better equipped to contribute to more satisfied customers and increased profitability. Several stores saw immediate improvements when employees were given the opportunity to investigate new ways to approach and communicate with the customers.

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