Welcome to work! Accelerating an inclusive company culture.

How norms and prejudices affect us all, every day.

Sweden’s population doesn’t look like it did 15 years ago. Capturing opportunities in a more diverse society calls for company culture changes. Martin & Servera has set up challenging diversity goals to ensure innovation, great customer experiences and access to 100 percent of the competence in the labour market.

In the “Welcome to work!” movement, all 3 000 employees were introduced to how norms and prejudices affect us every day. The movement was supported by various tools including leadership labs, challenging missions for the individual, explorative group exercises and inspiring storytelling. The aim was to show the importance of inclusion, as it is a prerequisite for everyone being the best version of oneself. The whole company got a real boost and the rewards show up in different ways – and not always as expected. There is now a better working climate but also an increase in incidents reported to HR, proving that a mindset change has been achieved and that Martin & Servera is accelerating towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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