In extraordinary times we need extraordinary support.

Business as usual is not an option.

We have used all our experience and boiled it down to a state-of-the-art subscription toolbox designed for maximum relevance for your leaders in the time following Covid-19.

Why a subscription? In a rapidly changing environment the examples used have to be up to date and relevant to capture the interest of your employees.

Receive a digital module every six weeks with individual and group exercises for your leaders to do with their teams. Follow easy to use instructions and unleash the power of innovation that comes from a crisis.

Provide support for your leaders and their teams with digital tools and exercises.

> Group sessions are structured dialogues for the whole team in the form of exercises, tasks, reflections and dilemmas. The exercises are self-instructive, giving the managers full support to guide their teams through the exercise.

> Individual exercises are sessions of approximately 5-10 min with 3-4 tasks in each session. The exercises allow employees to explore, discuss and be challenged.

What Google learned from its quest to build the perfect team was that Psychological safety is key.

In the time after Covid-19, creating a psychologically safe environment is even more important to help your teams move forward in an uncertain world.

> Introducing what defines Psychological safety and a team that thrives in a psychologically safe environment.

> Get tips on how to build psychological resilience in the team every day.

> Explore different levels of psychological safety and decide as a team where you are and where you want to be.

> Support for the team to help focus on things they can influence.

Most of us have heard of the change curve. But do we know how to use it?

How do we help our colleagues to the next level and harness the power of the reorientation phase that comes as we move out of confusion and frustration?

> Introducing the change curve and its different phases.

> Suggestions on how to best support each other during the reorientation phase.

> Get the team to explore lessons learnt so far and what they want to continue doing.

> Decide on trying out new ways of working going forward.

Not all is bad that come from disruptive events, help your teams envision a new future.

The world as we know it is no longer. This can seem frightening at first, but if we look beyond our immediate fears there are new opportunities out there – new situations that need intelligent solutions.

> Introduce every day innovations as something we all contribute to.

> Present a systematic innovation tool to accelerate change by generating new perspectives.

> Explore different parts of the innovation tool as a team and individually.

> Practise using the method on everyday situations and work processes.

Sometimes we don’t really lack creative ideas. It’s rather the opposite; we have too many.

To transit from ideation into actual creation is a risky task. Help your leaders with a step by step guide to support their teams throughout the process.

> Ideation – gather all ideas that have come up either from using the systematic thinking tools or from other creative sessions.

> Prioritisation – get together as a team and decide what to do first, given the impact the idea has on customers, how much time it could save or how difficult it is to realize.

> Prototyping – Go for the Cup-cake method and prototype small, never aim for the whole wedding cake at once.

> Realisation – A step by step guide. How to get more people involved, project planning, hand over and debrief and much more.

Join the movement! We help companies unleash their people power.

We have activated more than 200,000 employees in 20 different countries, with measurable results to show the difference. Our lessons learnt have taught us what works and what doesn’t – and what defines the difference. Use this program to support your organisation and accelerate out of the Covid-19 slow-down.

Evidence and research-based tools using up to date examples.

The modules are designed according to the latest findings from the research community, especially focusing on the subject areas of psychology, organizational development and change management.

Shape the modules to fit your organisation.
Killer deal!

Take part of the exercises and crown them with your own logo. Follow up on your organisation’s activity and input throughout the program. This is all included in the fee.

We need more…

Do you want to add extra modules that are tailor made for you? We can fix that! Price upon request for each module.

Language versions?

The program is available in English and Swedish. If you need additional languages, we can arrange that too. Price upon request per language.

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