From guardians of the existing energy system to creators of a new one.

A 12 % increase of Internal engagement in one year. During the same time the internal understanding of Vattenfall’s strategy and Purpose rose by 23%.

The energy market is re-shaping. The climate issue is central, and a shift to fossil free fuels is essential. Digitalization disrupts and increases the rapid need for change. In the light of these changes, Vattenfall has taken on the most challenging goal in its history: To Power Climate Smarter Living and become fossil free within one generation.

With this starting point, we kicked off the ”Unlock our future” movement, addressing all 20 000 employees at Vattenfall. We engaged the employees in various ways, from explorative exercises showing how all business areas play an important role and hold a unique key to the future, to podcasts and interactive storytelling, exploring why the company has embarked on this challenging journey. The ongoing “Unlock our future” movement guides and inspires the whole organization, creating a desire to proudly participate and lead the transition towards tomorrow’s energy system.

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