We’re hiring a Digital Applications Responsible

Digital Applications Responsible

We are looking for a confident, independent and self-motivated individual to join our tight-knit team of dedicated change makers. You have a solid background in IT, where you have worked in several different projects, preferably in an open source environment. You like to share your knowledge, have great communication skills and is the one who succeeds when explaining and simplifying for people with varying degrees of technical understanding. You are curious and interested in what is happening on the digital arena and willing to learn and grow in a rapidly evolving environment. Speaking English comes naturally to you but you don´t have to be a native.

You will be the one who:

› Manage our web-based platforms.
› Have close contact with our subcontractors and developers.
› Explain technical possibilities and limitations to our clients.
› Provide technical solutions for different client requirements.
› Give suggestions on how to develop our digital tools and lead development projects.

Skills and experience

You need skills and experience in the following areas:
› Set up and maintain servers. (Linux)
› Front-end development (HTML, CSS/LESS, Javascript, PHP).
› CMS (primarily Drupal).

Is this you?

Send your resumé to career@akt.agency and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Any questions? Contact Jonas Lindberg,+46 70 735  71  31.